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If you want your business to bring even more profit, then it's worth taking care of its attractive presentation on the Internet.  The creation of a website is the most important tool for promoting the network.  It should be convenient, attractive and effective.  It is important that the pages of your site perform the main tasks of the business: they should represent the brand, help sell products or order services.

There are a number of different types of websites that differ in their specificity and the tasks they perform.  Therefore, before ordering the development of a project, you need to understand which site will suit you best.

Landing Page

Landing Page is the simplest single-page website that is designed to transform visitors into the target audience (potential customers).

Such sites are usually created to promote one product or service.  They should be as user-friendly as possible and contain catchy content. Texts, which try to hook the psychological triggers of customers and which you can sell, are used on the landibg pages.

There is a special offer and contains a specific call to action (order, buy, contact, register, etc.) on the landing page. Specialists immediately try to take into account the main specificity of the target audience and its demographics when develop the landing pages.

Landing Page gives excellent results for:

  • Producers (they can get loyal consumers or expand their partner database);
  • E-commerce (the creation of a landing page for a new product will introduce many new customers and multiply the profit);
  • Services (a variety of online and offline services are successfully promoted through the landing pages);
  • Conferences, workshops, trainings (90% of tickets for various events are implemented on such sites);
  • Testing a new product (landing page will help to check the attitude of users to your new product or direction in business);
  • Exclusive offers (lending is the ideal choice for selling unique products that are on the market in a limited number).

Here is an example of the creation of a Landing Page created by astwellsoft:

You can find other examples of landing sites in our portfolio.

Business card site

A business card site is a web resource with a small number of pages that contains the most basic information about the activities of your company, its products or services.

From the name you will understand that this site will be a kind of visiting card of your business on the network.

A business card is a short reference about your company.  It allows you to understand what you offer potential customers and informs you how to contact you.  Therefore, such a web resource will be useful for small firms that have just appeared on the market, and for large corporations.

The business card site requires only basic and important information to be summarized.  It should not be overloaded with details that the target audience does not really need.

The business card site will work well for:

  • Any company that wants to develop its business and make it bigger;
  • Organizations and enterprises that do not work on the Internet.

Such a web resource will help you check the competition and analyze the features of the market.  You can create such a site quickly and cheap.

Typically, a business card site contains such data blocks:

  • The main information about the activities of the company;
  • Contact information for contacting company representatives;
  • The main list of goods or services of business;
  • Prices for products.

In its classic version, a business card site is a compact information resource with a single-level structure.  In most cases, the menu of this site contains sections: Home, About Us, Contacts, Services, Frequent Questions and Advantages.

So, the Business Card is optimal for presentation of your business on the network, regardless of the field of activity.

Here is an example of the design of a business card site:

You can look examples of websites created by our team in the portfolio section.

Corporate website

Business site (or as it is also called - Corporate site) is a great information resource that represents all the opportunities for a full presentation of the company, as well as its products on the Internet.

This web-resource significantly expands the structure of the business card and is targeted at several target groups:

  • Potential customers - individual sections demonstrate the benefits of the products of the firm's activities and show how they can meet the needs of a specific audience;
  • Constant customers - news for new products and bonuses is being prepared for them;
  • Partners - the site contains details about opportunities and terms of cooperation.  Advantages over competitors are described.

The corporate site uses elements of firm style to favorably differ from other market players.  You can create an image of a serious company with a good reputation and high quality of services at its expense.  All this contributes to the increase in customer base and user loyalty.

In addition to the main information blocks (sections "About Us", "Services", "Contacts"), the business site contains a deeper structure with many categories and pages. It often creates sections "Blog", "News", "Articles", which increase traffic of the site, through the use of targeted requests.  In addition, the corporate website may contain a catalog of the company's products.  They create the section "Sales" for regular customers.

On the site much attention is paid to legal information and copyright protection.

An example of business site:

A corporate website is a powerful tool for promoting and developing a business.  It promotes recognition and attracting new customers, simplifies communication.  Thanks to a full-fledged information support, you no longer need to advise your customers about specific products or services each time.

So, the corporate site has such advantages:

  • Demonstrates the seriousness and prospects of your company;
  • Worthy represent your business on the market;
  • This is the cheapest way of promotion and advertisement on the Internet;
  • It is easy to use and contains all the information about your business.

Many examples of business sites are available in our portfolio.


Internet store is a site that is designed for e-commerce.  It contains a catalog of goods and tools that facilitate their sale.  The main goal of this format is the final realization of the product to the consumer.

Usually the functionality of online stores is wider than the possibilities of information web resources.  This is due to the variety of the proposal.

Pages of online stores offer more options and content blocks.

The page with the goods (the goods card) can contain:

  • The product's name;
  • Its current price and possible discounts;
  • A short and complete description that includes the features of the product, its advantages and disadvantages;
  • The main technical characteristics of the product;
  • Main and additional photos.

The content of cards is significantly expanded at large sites.  The product page can also include the conclusion of popular offers in the store, similar products and recommendations.

Except landing page with the offer, the online store contains tools that help to increase sales and improve the usability of the resource.

A high-quality and optimized online store contains:

  • Expanded search for a set of preset parameters and a deep filter system (size, color, brand, dimensions, weight, components, main characteristics);
  • Convenient form of ordering goods (adding to the cart, available order confirmation process, easy choice of delivery and payment methods);
  • A personal cabinet where you can track the history of your orders and check the current processing status.  Also, the favorites option is often available, where you can add products that you liked;
  • Popular sections are tabs that promote sales.  These include: New products, Recommendations, Promotions and promo, Popular products, etc.

All this is the standard, without which it is difficult to imagine the quality work of the online store.

Selection of design for online store

This is one of the key points for a bright presentation of your brand on the market.  The development of design should be based on a number of important factors: aesthetics, usability, a psychological portrait of the consumer.  All this should ensure loyalty and choice of users in your favor.

An example of the structure of the online store


You can find other examples of online stores in our portfolio.

What do you need to do after creating a site

Nowadays there is no generally accepted classification of sites, so we have offered you only the basic types.  You can order any of the listed types of sites on the CMS or order its development from the beginning.

But the creation of a web resource does not end in this point.  In the conditions of constant competition, business projects on the Internet need to be constantly optimized and promoted.

Therefore, we provide a number of additional services:

This is not a complete list of services to optimize web resources that you can order from our company.  We will help make your business even more successful!


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