SEO promotion

SEO (Search Engines Optimization) is a set of website optimization measures aimed at increase of the search engine rankings of the site, its position in the search engine result pages and its traffic.

The main goal of SEO-promotion is to improve the website’s ranking position on most important searchers’ queries and increase the number of its visitors from search engines.

SEO as a cheaper alternative to advertising

Many companies invest large budgets in advertising to attract new clients. This is an effective yet rather costly way of getting the targeted traffic for your website. Each time the site is advertised, it appears on the top positions in the search queue (labeled "advertising"). But as soon as the budget of the advertising campaign is exhausted, the web resource loses its visibility and it becomes quite difficult for the potential audience to find it.

The SEO itself is a great alternative to this costly way of promotion. After an integrated SEO promotion, you can get to the the top search on the key queries and still continue to maintain stable free traffic. This will allow you to receive a sufficient amount of publicity for your company and save a lot of money. An extra benefit is that the search results without the "Advertising" label look more convincing and appealing.

The secret here is that SEO specialists study the work and algorithms of search engines carefully and understand which sites Google or Yandex “likes”. Together with other professionals, they are working to improve various web resource options (the quality of content and code, download speed, useability, number of website links), which eventually helps it to climb higher on the search page.

Thus, SEO-promotion is one of the most effective ways to advertise your own web-resource.

The main parts of SEO-optimization

The list of the main areas of SEO-specialists’ activity includes:

1. The analysis of competitors and various business areas - this allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other companies' websites and use the results to improve your project.

2. Internal optimization of the site - a complex of activities focused on working with the internal resources of the site. This usually implies the work with the structure of pages, content (optimization of texts and images for the necessary search queries), usability (user-friendliness), hyperlinking (successful link placement), etc. This aspect of search engine optimization is considered to be the most important.

3. External optimization of the site - work on factors outside a website, which determine its ranking. Mainly it is all about the systematic and rational growth of the link profile (a set of links to the website from other resources).

4. Analytics - a constant process of SEO-specialists’ work. Special tools make it possible to analyze positions on different queries, find errors and disadvantages on sites and fix them.

In general, SEO-optimization is a special art that requires analytical mind and continuous tracking of trends in the world of internet marketing. And even though the search engines never reveal their secrets, they give a lot of tips (ranking criteria) that help you to get good results and reach the first positions in the search engine result pages.

SEO promotion from Astwellsoft

If you are tired of constantly spending a lot of money on advertising, then it's time to think about ordering the high-quality SEO-promotion. Not only will it save you money but also it will ensure a stable flow of customers for your company.

Thanks to the long experience of search engine promotion and work with dozens of different Internet projects, the company Astwellsoft has formed a competent team of SEO specialists.

Therefore, in case of ordering SEO-optimization services, we guarantee:

  • high traffic on your website - after our work the traffic will grow and bring a lot of free target visitors;
  • qualitative interaction with the customer (meeting the deadlines and detailed reporting);
  • an integrated approach to work with the project;
  • the use of proven and reliable methods of promotion only. We do not implement the so-called "black" SEO, which can subsequently affect your project;
  • affordable prices, discounts, and interesting offers.

Main benefits of cooperation

Our competitive advantages include:

  • the responsible attitude to your project;
  • a clearly organized process of teamwork;
  • a rapid climb up of the site in the search engine and assistance in maintaining its position in the search engine result pages;
  • increase in conversion (sales of your services and goods) due to a rational approach;
  • constant analysis of site traffic and high-quality support in the further process of its work.

We also offer a full range of services for your site. We will help you to make it effective, creative, attractive and stylish.


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