MVP for startups

MVP for startups

We will prepare Minimum Viable Product with the basic required features

You have a startup?

The idea of your product only at the initial stage?

Then outsourcing is perfect for you because it will allow you to rent a team for development of the prototype without any extra cost, and only after getting the first money from the result you will already decide whether to hire your own team in the state or to continue fruitful cooperation on outsourcing.

We offer following outsourcing IT solutions for startups:

  • Prototyping (Specification, Clickable wireframes, Simulate business, Technology Consulting)
  • Pilot alpha version to validate idea
  • Full product development
  • Support and development of additional functionality
  • Independent QA and Testing
  • IT consulting

Package offer

MVP for $15k

Our BA will prepare for you a proposal for a working version of your idea, which will fit $15'000 budget.