Digital marketing

Digital marketing

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SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - optimization of content and website code in order to increase its ranking and position in the issuance of the search engine for specific queries.

  • Customers who find you through search are much loyal to you, because they found info yourself
  • After the site is on TOP, there are almost no additional spending
  • The downside is the timing of promotion, the first results can appear from 4 weeks and to be in the top can take up to 6 months

SMM marketing

Promote your brand on social networks Facebook and Instagram

Working with the official groups (pages) of the company

Formation of a posting strategy, registration of a group, posts with the most effective content with the required periodicity and at the right time, communication with the audience.

Attracting an audience to official pages

Creating and maintaining profiles that do not intrusively communicate with your target audience and suggest adding to your group (page).

Advertising in social networks

Setting up an advertising cabinet for the target audience + creating ads for their maximum effectiveness.

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Google Ads

Contextual advertising is the fastest and fastest way to attract buyers to your resource or specific product or service.

  • Speed - In just one hour, your ad will be working for you
  • Efficiency - Seeing all target customers who are looking for products or services on your site
  • Pay only for clicks
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