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Recent projects



2018-06-01: Corporate website of real estate developer



2018-02-28: Delivery service



2018-02-14: Cryptocurrency credits solution

Toyota Hybrid Drive

Toyota Hybrid Drive

2018-01-10: An innovative Toyota Hybrid test drive






2017-08-18: Workshop on repair of mobile phones, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency


Pub Sova

Pub Sova

2015-08-09: Restaurant in the city Chertkov

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Package offers

Digital Complex

In 70 percent of cases the customer has typical wishes for creating a website. Therefore, for those who want the "classics" we have formed a package proposals.

Landing Page

One page website with a high orders conversion. Perfect for sales of one particular product/service.

from $3`600
  • Unique design
  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Feedback Form
  • Site Stats
Promo website

Few pages website to provide short information about you in the web.

from $3`800
  • Static pages (about us, benefits, services, contacts, ...)
  • Pages editor (CMS)
Business Website

Multilevel website with a catalog of products (services), news and articles.

from $5`400
  • Services list
  • News (articles)
  • Photo gallery
  • Upload documents, reports
E-commerce Website

Unlimited catalog with shopping cart, online ordering and payment, tracking order status.

from $12`000
  • Сomfortable products filter
  • Users registration
  • Shopping cart
  • Online payment
  • Orders history
All inclusive

Create new / upgrade existing website + three month of advertising campaign for target audience.

16`000 $
  • You fully trust our specialists
  • We independently decide what and how to do with your website to make it effective
  • We independently build at our discretion a three-month advertising campaign (adwords, facebook, instagram)

No acceptable package offer?

We develop projects from scratch, and also take on redesign and service websites from which you would like to get more.

Our advantages

Why customers choose us

11+ years of experience

We are for more than 11 years in the market of website development and in our team all employees with at least 4 years experience.

Always in touch

To each client is assigned a personal manager who is always in touch.

Full range of services

The client can get not only a website but also naming, branding, logo, corporate style, business intelligence consultants, SMM, SEO promotion and much more other services.

Full staff

In our team there are enough employees to carry out any number of tasks. Also - interchangeability of employees, which allows in case of illness or another factor do not break the terms and quality of work.

Financial and legal responsibility

Fixed in the contract

In the contract there are no ambiguous wording and streamlined concepts, all financial responsibility in the form of financial guarantees, as well as all the terms of cooperation without exception, are prescribed. We do not burden our clients with long contract terms and penalties.

  • We guarantee quality and timely delivery of all agreed services
  • We give training of the site management system and transfer all access data to it
  • We keep commercial secrets and confidential information

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