Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a form of advertising, in which ads are displayed according to page content, i.e. its context.

This is the simplest and most reliable way of attracting target audience to your web resource. With this marketing tool, you can stop worrying about website promotion and its complex optimization processes. In this case potential clients will find you directly through relevant ads in the search results and on other platforms.

Contextual advertising is a highly efficient paid tool. In order for your ad campaign to be successful and produce significant results, you need to learn to customize it properly. The most efficient way is to hire a team of professional to create and customize your campaign.

You will be able to see the results after the first campaign, and your website promotion will take significantly less time.

How Contextual Advertising Works

Contextual ads are displayed not to all users, but to a selected group. The audience consists only of individuals whose interests correlate with the category of products or services being marketed. Therefore, contextual advertising is displayed only to your target audience, which significantly increases your conversion rate and the number of responses to your ad.

The main criterion of relevance in contextual advertising is key words. That’s why the effectiveness of your campaign is highly dependent upon their correct selection. For example, general phrases rarely result in conversions, because the interests of the user who is doing a general search are too broad. The probability of a smartphone purchase online will be much higher if a person searches for “buy a high-quality smartphone in Kiev” or “Samsung Galaxy smartphone price”, as opposed to just looking for “smartphone” in the search engine.

Almost all online search engines use contextual advertising to make money. Two most famous networks are Google Ads (which used to be called Adwords) and Yandex.Direct.

Some people believe that resources which order contextual advertising from Google improve their positions in the search results.

Google owns the largest contextual advertising network. Its ads appear on millions of web resources and search result pages. The system links ad content to certain themes and search results. For instance, if a user makes a certain query to the search engine, and it’s relevant to your business, they will see the link to your website. Then the user can visit your web resource and follow your call-to-action (order products or services that your offer).

On the other side, contextual advertising is an attractive and profitable way to make money for website owners. You can create an account on AdSense and connect your platforms to it. Then you can publish blocks of ads there and make good money.

Main Types of Contextual Advertising

Contextual ads can be displayed in several formats, which include text, banner and video ads.

Text Ads

Such ads look like a regular text which contains links to the resource being advertised. In this case it’s important to know the psychology of your target audience and find a way to grab their attention quickly. This format uses a model in which the client pays for clicks (PPC).

Banner Ads

One of popular advertising formats is adding a vivid visual component to your ad, such as a simple image or a slideshow. Such blocks also contain a call-to-action and a link.

Banners can be static, dynamic and interactive.

Video Ads

Such ads use an attractive video clip to advertise certain products or services. Experts believe that this ad type is the most effective.

How to Order Google Advertising

In order to launch an ad campaign in the Ads network, you need to take a couple of basic steps:

  • Create an account on the Ads website (if you have a Gmail address, you can use it to log in);
  • Select a list of target words to advertise;
  • Hire professionals to create ad copy, a banner or a video clip (depending on the type of advertising you are going to use). You can also create them on your own;
  • Create an ad campaign and customize it to meet your needs.

The last step is the most complex and it requires special skills and knowledge. An experienced professional will help you to save a part of your budget and get the job done in the most efficient way.

The Main Advantages of Contextual Advertising

  • Speed. An ad campaign can be customized within one hour. Then you will immediately start getting additional traffic;
  • Effectiveness. Your text ads and banners will be noticed by people who are interested in your product, because they are displayed only to your target audience. If your budget is sufficient, the number of website visitors can be increased by several times.
  • You pay for results. The person who orders contextual advertising pays only for user clicks, not ad displays. It costs you nothing to have your ad constantly displayed to your audience, because the budget of your campaign is spent only on clicks. And, more importantly, you can decide the cost of one click.

Astwellsoft Contextual Advertising Services

Our experts are highly experienced in contextual advertising. We will be happy to help you properly customize and launch an effective ad campaign.

Our services include:

  • Making a list of key words which are relevant to the content of your website;
  • Creating special ads which meet search engine standards;
  • Primary customization of your Google Ads account and creating an environment to launch further ad campaigns;
  • Writing effective ad copy and choosing the most appropriate format for it;
  • Tracking user visits and ad campaign results.

We are experts at what we do and guarantee high-quality results.


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