Advertising in social networks

These days the majority of Internet users spend their time mainly on social media. On social platforms, people get acquainted and communicate, order goods and services, earn money, learn news and other useful information quickly. Day by day, a number of social media marketing tools that can be used for the growth and development of the business is growing.

Other websites are significantly inferior to social networking platforms in terms of the number of users and time spent.

If previously it was claimed that business does not exist, if it is not on the Internet, then today a similar statement can be applied to social networks. Every self-respecting brand has its own account there, and sometimes a whole team of SMM specialists works on its development.

Social network advertising contributes to the effective SEO promotion of the business, as it increases the traffic on the website. Thanks to the navigation through the social networks and links placed there, site indicators improve. After all, search engines highly appreciate different types of external links from authoritative web resources, which are Facebook and Twitter.

The main types of social network advertising

In social networks, there are several ways to advertise your company. To get free traffic to a site, it is necessary to create a group or public page and fill it with useful content regularly. This way you can get an additional and free target audience.

But it is more effective to use the potentialities of paid advertising tools:

  • Content advertising is the placement of classified ads on social networking sites, for example, Facebook. After clicking on the ad units, the user is redirected to the brand page or external web resource.
  • Targeted advertising is a type of promotion when certain ad units are shown to the target audience with the necessary traits (gender, age, regional affiliation, etc.).
  • Teaser advertising is implemented in the form of banners displayed on the pages of social networks.
  • Retargeting is a marketing tool that allows you to return users who were once interested in your business.
  • Subliminal advertising is another way that is not available in the official arsenal of social network marketing tools. Yet thematic communities and pages offer this option. To use this option, it is necessary to agree on the publication with the site administration.

In fact, there are a huge number of options and formats for advertising in social media. Many companies try at least to take advantage of the free potentialities of the sites and create their own public pages there.

Promotion through one’s own pages and groups

This is the most common way to attract additional target audience among small firms. The businessman or contractors hired by him create(s) a public page linked to the site. And if the site does not exist yet, they directly tell about services or the goods. Then they design the page and publish posts with information about the company's activities, or content that can attract potential customers. After that, users are invited into this page and some of them become its subscribers.

Without exaggeration, today social media sites are turning into one of the most powerful channels for attracting the audience. Therefore, social network advertising is an advantageous tool to promote the website and business.

Such public page can become an excellent alternative to the site. But for its development, it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements:

  • Constantly invite new users;
  • Regularly publish unique and high-quality content;
  • Hold interesting giveaways and competitions.

Big brands have pages with millions of subscribers, that fact by itself indicates their credibility and significance. Large teams of professionals work to achieve such results. Certainly, you can create an account in Facebook or Instagram, and fill it by yourself, but it's ineffective.

Internal social media advertising tools

Social media users indicate a lot of valuable data (age, gender, region, interests, marital status, etc.) by themselves. Such a large array of data allows creating effective campaigns using targeting.

This format is very convenient:

  • You can select an audience with the necessary criteria and advertise your product to it;
  • Set a desirable ad format;
  • Set a suitable price for impressions of ad units or pay for clicks.

Any user of a social network can configure such advertising, but in practice, you need to have a lot of skills and knowledge to do it properly. Therefore, specialists are usually trusted with the setting of social network advertising.

The company Astwellsoft offers a number of comprehensive services to promote business in social media and uses a wide range of tools for this. If you need help with creating and promoting public goods, setting up and conducting advertising campaigns - we will be happy to fulfill your order.

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