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Unique content is one of the main parameters that crucially influences the ranking of the website in the search results. Your website will never be able to achieve top positions and will generally be negatively precepted by the search engines if you have any type of the plagiarized content; no matter whether it may be text, video, pictures, etc.

The uniqueness parameter means that the content on your website is original and cannot be found on other web resources. The method to determine this technical criterion is quite straightforward, the materials from various sites get compared with each other for the level of similarity. The uniqueness requirement is not only limited to the text content, this measurement equally touches the issue of all multimedia resources presented on the page like pictures and video files.

This criterion can easily be determined and spotted by the search engines. Each and every one has a built-in software mechanism which easily sees whether this content is new or has already been uploaded before and just copied from another site. The latter is simply called the ‘copy-paste’. The search engines can and will take actions for the use of the plagiarized content, which can lead to some severe consequences such as temporary or complete website shut down; also, the site will be moved down in ranking or completely removed from the web search results.

To have a good ranking, you need to have quality and unique content. To understand how crucial the uniqueness is you need to know that adding original text and multimedia content can massively influence website ranking, and even take you to the top search positions.

Who creates unique content

Nowadays, there is a whole new niche of professionals who work with content production and website publishing.

Writers\Copywriters. Basically, these are the text content creators. The content is usually written with the information available online, and there are generally two types of making it: writing from scratch and rewriting the existing text. Rewriting is a more simplistic model, which allows you to create original content by rephrasing and reshaping the original.

Translators. If you translate the text into another language, it will definitely be unique. Although, at the same time be aware of the major loophole that there is a possibility that somebody may have already done that.

Graphic designers. People who work with different aspects and objectives of graphic design, including all the image data.

Video editors.  Professionals who work in the field of video clip production.  

Content managers. This is the type of specialist who works with the content on the publication stage. Regarding the smaller projects, content managers can often double-job adding some of the abovementioned functions to their mix of responsibilities (e.g., search for or create unique pictures, translate texts, etc.). Content managers can work with text and/or graphics files, and of course should be proficient in CMS – aka content management systems (for instance, Wordpress/Joomla/ModX).  

Core text requirements

There is a range of text content requirements, because uniqueness may be one of the most important but not the sole one.

For example, the text should be:

Grammatically correct. The texts should be written according to the rules and norm of the language used; even the simple misspells, and minor mistakes can ruin the experience of the visitor and discourages further reading.

Well-structured. Each text should have the basic structure (introduction, main part, conclusions). Plus, in order to make the text more user-friendly, and more comfortable for perception it is advised to actively use standard elements of styling and layouting such as headings, quotes, highlighted or bold text, numerated and marked lists, etc.

Relevant. Meaning that the information given on the page should answer the user’s query. For instance, if the article name is ‘how to choose a car?’, then the text should inform on that exact question instead of telling about the new model line-up of Lexus.

Interesting and informative. This parameter measures up the readers’ engagement during the page views. Because the longer the page visit lasts, the better will be the evaluation of the search engine as it will perceive the content of the page as a useful and quality one. The texts must answer the users’ queries as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible.

How to figure out the uniqueness of the content

There are plenty of specifically targeted services and platforms with the sole purposes of text uniqueness evaluation. Usually, these plagiarism checkers (common name) will provide a list of criteria along with the uniqueness percentage.

The majority of them will have the same basic work principle. All you will need to do is 1) to insert the text into the designated field and 2) press the ‘check’ button.

Here are some of the currently popular plagiarism checkers:  

  • Advego Plagiatus
  • Content-Watch
  • Etxt.

How to add website content, the smart way

Not only do the search engines like the quality content, but they like it (and evaluate it by) being regularly updated too. The more often the website publishes new articles, the better. The most common mistake in this realm is when the site is being launched with hundreds of pages and tons of materials only be left untouched without content updates for extended periods of time. You should understand that in this case coherence and stability is a must.

The websites that publish only quality, unique and creative information gain trust from the search engines.

The website content should be:

  • Relevant to the subject of the web resource, while giving info on various aspects of them.
  • Compliant with standards and include the necessary minimum of information.
  • Unique, grammatically correct and well-structured.
  • Updated on a regular basis, according to the content plan.

One of the most effective SEO ranking methods for achieving top positions is the addition of the unique content to the site. 

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