MODX is a popular content management system that is used to create sites of varying complexity.  The framework is written in PHP and supports integration with MySQL or MS SQL databases.

The platform is very popular among developers.  It is convenient to interact with it because of the simplicity, accessibility and ease of writing the code.

Most web servers, such as IIS, Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx and Zeus support work with the MODX engine.  In addition, it interacts well with different platforms and browsers, which makes it possible to implement many complex technical solutions when developing sites.

MODX allows you to simplify the process of layout, design development and create templates for individual pages.  The site under the management of this CMS is very easy to fill with new content, thanks to a simple and intuitive administrator's panel.

The main features of the MODX system

CMS MODX is open source software, so everybody can use it for their own purposes.  The platform is known primarily among programmers, for whom its openness and flexibility are a significant advantage. In this unpretentious system, there is not much difference where templates or content are located, and how resources are organized.  Thanks to this flexibility, each developer can customize it and work in comfortable conditions.

The MODX platform is well suited for working with large projects, where other popular CMS (for example, Wordpress or Joomla) face difficulties. The advantages of MODX are most noticeable in the work with large sites. Here you will get an almost empty shell, which can be adjusted to the actual needs of a particular site.

There is no strict binding of the placement of templates in the hotel catalogs, and the syntax of the CMS allows you to keep the code clean.

MODX uses a slightly different architecture and terminology than other CMSs:

  • Resources are referred to as pages, links, documents, and other web elements.
  • Chunks are the components of the page structure or layout (for example, headers, footers, sidebars).
  • Template variables are the equivalent of user fields in other CMSs
  • Snippets are dynamic fragments of PHP scripts.

The system also uses its own syntax for writing tags.  Due to this, the template code is stored in a clean and understandable form.

MODX is easy to learn, but there is a little difficulty with the terminology and specific implementation of some solutions.

The engine has full documentation in English, and the number of materials in Russian and other languages ​​has significantly increased in the network in recent years.

The main versions of MODX

MODX Revolution is the latest version of the engine, which has been actively developed for several years.  The main accents in the Revolution are made on the functionality and convenience of the work.

This version contains a new database API that makes it easy to add, read, and edit basic web resources. You can change the data of many database tables using just one query. The Revolution engine is more demanding to server resources.  For example, it will require a minimum of 32MB of memory, instead of 8 or 16MB in the previous version.

The previous modification of MODX Evolution is developing in parallel with the Revo-version.  It is better suited for novice developers, and is less resource intensive.

A small disadvantage of MODX is the change in syntax and functionality.  Therefore, when moving a site to a newer version of the engine, programmers encounter certain difficulties.

In addition to the two main platforms, there is an additional service MODXcloud.  This is virtual hosting which use the Revolution software.  If you are looking for a ready solution for a large project with large system loads, this is a very good option.  Using this platform allows you to update the system in a few clicks and get the most secure environment.

The main advantages of CMS MODX

  • Sites, which use MODX, have a high level of security.  The developers of the platform constantly work on improving reliability, which constantly check the MODX code for vulnerability.
  • CMS is well compatible with popular web servers and is constantly being improved.
  • Sites under MODX control are easy to administer.  They use reliable mechanisms for access to directories, and allow flexible meta-data control
  • It is very simple to differentiate the user access levels in the administrative panel, which increases the efficiency of a large team of contractors
  • You can directly work with fragments of HTML-code in the MODX system, which helps to control all its resources without additional complications
  • MODX makes it easy to implement any design options using the most creative approaches and concepts.
  • The platform works very fast, which is facilitated by a quality caching system.  Site pages are loaded almost instantly.

MODX system is recommended to use on large sites with hundreds of pages. Our experts will help to create effective and attractive web resource for your business.

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