WordPress is a content management system (CMS) originally intended to maintain the blogs. Now it gives an opportunity to create sites of any type and complexity.

WordPress is the best system for web resources with a small amount of content like:

  • business card websites;
  • landing pages;
  • small blogs and portals;
  • portfolios;
  • personal websites;
  • online shops with a small range of goods.

The WooCommerce commercial modules may help to create a full-fledged and convenient online store.

What makes CMS WP special is that it has a big number of free plug-ins and templates available. You can noticeably modify your website even if you don’t know the programming. But in order to create a truly attractive and high-quality project, you will have to learn a lot of freely available information.

WordPress offers a simple installation and configuration. It is based on PHP/MySQL. There is no doubt that now WordPress is the most popular CMS used by every third website on the Internet.

Advantages of WordPress

The great popularity of the WP system is due to the objective factors and advantages:

  • Simplicity. This CMS is very simple, even a novice can sort it out within a few hours. You can easily add texts, pics and videos if WP is in use.
  • Flexibility. It is easy to change the website design; just activate another template, and add new items. Modularity provides different variations of the interface and design styles. A great number of plug-ins allows expanding the functionality.
  • Attractiveness. Most of the WordPress templates are very decent by themselves and do not require additional manipulations.
  • Support. The content management system is constantly updated. Minor errors are monthly corrected and new functional is introduced. The official website wordpress.org, as well as sites of the developers of paid templates, offers quality support.
  • Community and public information. It's no wonder the most popular CMS in the world has the largest community. To solve any issue just query and Google will show you dozens of solutions: on thematic websites, in videos and free lessons.
  • Optimization. WP contains ready-made SEO solutions and is constantly improving in accordance with the requirements of search engines (there are available plug-ins for optimization and meta tags, URL setting and many other SEO tools).
  • Diversity. You can create a site using ready free or paid premium templates filled with their own specific features and style. A wide range of themes includes the templates for business, personal blog, news websites, information portals, portfolios, forums etc. And what is important, under certain conditions, you can change any element of a web resource (fonts, styles, layout, colours, a location of blocks).

Tangible drawbacks of WordPress are as follows:

  • There are a lot of redundant components as the system offers a complete, ready-made digital solution from a box. Experts often mention the "heaviness" of CMS.
  • And the second disadvantage is connected with the first one - the system is poorly adapted to work on very large projects, and the growth of the database on large resources leads to the loss of the site speed.

How to launch a website on WordPress

It is pretty easy to install CMS WordPress on hosting. Download the distribution package with the latest version of the system from the official website of the engine. Then upload the files to the root folder of the site on the hosting. It is also necessary to create a MySQL database for the website. When installing, set the login and password for the database, and also specify credentials for the site administrator. Altogether, the installation will take less than half an hour.

A lot of quality hostings offer push installation of the engine on the server.

Now, having a lot of available tools for working with content, the site owner can immediately fill it. For example, you can publish your first article or a piece of news just in a few clicks.

This is how the administration panel of the site looks on WordPress:

Astwellsoft will help you create and configure a site running CMS WordPress

Despite all the pluses of the WP engine, some difficulties may arise. Lay users sometimes encounter them at the stage of installing the system distribution on the server. Over time a lot of questions arise and you have to work with unfamiliar functions. Another issue is that most of the settings are not available in the free templates.

An attractive feature of WordPress is that you can easily find specialists ready to help in solving current problems.

Astwellsoft specialists will help you at any stage of your work with the CMS. We provide the following services:

  • Install and set the content management system;
  • Create a site on a turn-key basis on WordPress;
  • Install and configure plug-ins and scripts;
  • Optimize the site running on WP;
  • Work with paid premium templates.

We will make your site even better and raise it to the new quality level.


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