Joomla is a multifunctional content management system that has been widely used.  It is written in PHP and uses the MVC architecture.  It uses MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL to store records.

Joomla has been the main competitor of the popular Wordpress engine for a long time It takes the second place among all CMS by the number of sites.  Even newcomer and people who are not familiar with programming can create sites on Joomla. The project under the management of CMS is always easy to expand and supplement with the required functionality thanks to the flexible component system.  With its help, it is easy to create a business card site, a landing page, or even large web resources (an information portal, a corporate website or an online store).

Key features of Joomla:

  • Reliability in operation and a sufficiently high level of safety
  • website design is easy to change through the use of ready-made templates
  • A large number of free plug-ins

The name of the platform comes from the word jumla, which is translated from Swahili as "all together".

It is enough to download the archive from the official site, upload it to your hosting and connect the database when installing it to create a site on the Joomla CMS.  Next, the admin panel will be available to the user, which provides many tools for working with content.

The main features of the engine

There are such basic features of Joomla CMS:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of pages to be created
  • It is very easy and fast to test and change the themes
  • Sites on the engine have a clear structure
  • To create and edit content, use TinyMCE
  • Tools for automatic publication by timer
  • Page metadata settings are available
  • Distribution of access rights to different sections and functions of the admin panel
  • Flexible settings of the site menu and its structure
  • Data archiving and caching support
  • Support of necessary SEO tools
  • Access to an unlimited number of plug-ins that extend the functions of the site.

Here is how the administrative panel looks in Joomla's CMS:


What sites can be created on the Joomla

The platform offers a number of solutions for creating projects of varying complexity and goals. People usually work with it, which are far from programming.  Therefore, you will find in the network thousands of simple sites built on this engine.

Such kinds of sites can be created on Joomla:

  • Personal sites (teachers, businessmen, bloggers)
  • Large information portals with attractive design
  • Internet magazines and popular publications
  • Sites of various organizations and institutions (schools, churches, non-profit organizations)
  • Community Interest Sites
  • Corporate Web Resources
  • Small and Medium Business Service Sites.

In general, all types of sites are informational.  Previously, the platform created a lot of online stores, but now this niche was taken by competitors.

The Joomla's main tools for developers includes:

  • Data backup modules
  • Catalogs with complex structure
  • Means for e-commerce transactions
  • A wide range of communication tools.

From the version of the engine Joomla 1.6, a separate framework has been developing, which became a separate project and further successfully developed. Developers can create a set of web solutions with its help, as well as CMS for individual use.  This framework is represented in the open repository GitHub.

Advantages of Joomla

The Joomla content management system from the box includes a minimum of settings and tools that can easily be expanded if necessary

  • You can always find information and detailed lessons on working with the platform
  • It is easy to delegate employees different levels of access when working on a site
  • Developers of the Joomla system offer a large number of modules and components on the Joomla.
  • If it is necessary, you can order additional software for the engine or change the available ones.
  • Sites with CMS work with different language interfaces.
  • It is very convenient to work with content here due to the TinyMCE editor, which is very similar to the Microsoft Word program environment.

If you have any problems with CMS Joomla, our specialists are ready to provide their qualified help.  We are ready to create for you a high-quality site on the platform, to refine the existing project or expand its functionality.


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