Complicated projects



Powerful and reliable rental portal.


Develop a platform where people can find and hire the necessary things for yourself or lease some goods that is not being used.


Create your own online portal based on the Yii framework, which has the opportunity to place a message on the rental of any items.

Convenient catalog allows to you to quickly locate the desired item.

On the product page you can carry out the order, choosing the date, the term of the lease and delivery method. In the development of modern technologies used such as PHP 5.6, AJAX, jQuery.

Інтернет портал по оренді речей

Сторінка каталогу

Сторінка порталу

Сторінка моїх товарів

Сторінка профілю

Сторінка здачі в оренду

Форма входу

Форма реєстрації

A year later, the customer repeatedly come to us to update the design of the portal and add a few features:


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