YII Framework

Yii is a web development framework based on the MVC model, which is used to create modern web-sites. Its name stands for «Yes It Is!» and is pronounced as [ji:].

Yii system written in PHP is a universal environment for any kinds of web apps and interfaces. Here you can create a highly functional website of any level of complexity.

Ways to Use Yii

Yii Framework can be used to develop:

Yii allows you to use pre-made templates to implement all kinds of design solutions.

Yii History

Yii’s history can be traced back to January 1, 2008. It was originally created as a tool to fix the drawbacks of the PRADO framework, which attempted to make ASP.NET accessible on PHP. However, PRADO developers have simply copied snippets of ASP.NET code, which resulted in a number of shortcomings (slow page processing, complicated settings etc.). Soon one of the developers Quiang Xue realized that the code needs to be re-written. As a result, Yii 1.0 officially launched on December 3.

Yii Functionality

Yii is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks.

Its basic functions include:

  • ActiveRecord and DAO modules to connect databases.
  • Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • A set of design themes that can be easily changed.
  • Error handling and logging.
  • Modules to support page caching and other blocks.
  • Support and validation of various forms.
  • External library integration.
  • Authorization modules (RBAC ACL).

Yii 2.0 supports Bootstrap and REST architecture. The framework is compatible with AJAX and allows to use jQuery. In addition, Yii package supplies a variety of user extensions, including the zii library.

Yii vs Other Frameworks

Yii demonstrated the best level of performance in phpmark open tests. Framework testing shows that the platform has a high-quality delayed initialization system. This means that the code is loaded only when necessary. This raises a lot of questions regarding testing in actual real-time conditions.

The research shows that:

  • Yii is continuously improving.
  • Users can fairly quickly learn to use the platform, as opposed to Zend Framework and Symfony.
  • Yii is a stable and safe programming environment.

Yii Benefits

  • includes detailed documentation which helps to eliminate roadblocks;
  • the system is highly flexible;
  • the websites load fast and look stylish;
  • includes a separate class for data validation;
  • has an efficient caching system for fast page handling;
  • allows to create AJAX elements, as well as jQuery library integration;
  • contains a set of built-in templates for a variety of design solutions;
  • supports multilingual websites;
  • ensures high security.

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