OpenCart is a popular content management system (CMS) for online stores. It can be easily set up on any hosting that supports PHP and MySQL. The CMS is freely accessible through a GitHub repository and is supported by Daniel Kerr, a famous developer. OpenCart engine is built using modern MVC architecture and is totally free.

OpenCart is a quick and reliable shopping cart system with a variety of functions that will make your web-site more attractive to users. Its strong points include powerful search options and high-quality technical optimization. In addition, OpenCart websites are search engine friendly and can be optimized using a full package of SEO tools.

OpenCart CMS will work best for small and medium-sized enterprises. Both front-end and back-end development on OpenCart is simple and convenient.

OpenCart e-commerce platform allows you to create online stores with a number of different payment and delivery options.

OpenCart Features

A Variety of Payment Tools

OpenCart websites support more than 20 different payment systems. Clients can pay for their orders using popular systems like Webmoney, Qiwi, LiqPay and Robokassa.

Module System

CMS elements are subdivided into modules which expand the functionality and make the platform highly flexible. OpenCart also provides a large selection of extensions that you can install.

Detailed Reports

Store owners can easily measure the success of their business tools. You will be able to track your business results and use them to increase your profitability.

A Huge Range of Useful Tools

Creating your online store on OpenCart will give you access to a large variety of tools, which include multiple language interfaces, product and supplier categories, currencies, product and card options.

Payment and Delivery Options

OpenCart engine allows you to integrate eight shipping methods. You can choose the one that will work best for your business.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Even a beginner can find dozens of tutorials on how to set up and customize basic OpenCart website components. However, you might need to hire an expert to integrate some of the more complex modules.

SEO Optimization

Primary optimization of the OpenCart engine will allow your website to come up in the top search results for your relevant key words. You won’t need to add any meta tag fields or deal with additional SEO issues which can occur on other CMSs.

OpenCart store interface is intuitive, so your clients won’t have any trouble making an order.

Other OpenCart features include:

  • Open source code, which allows you to modify the system to match your needs.
  • Detailed documentation that helps you better understand OpenCart functionality.
  • One admin panel can be used to manage several stores.
  • A large selection of standard color schemes and font styles.

OpenCart’s only drawback is outdated design of free templates. However, you can easily fix it by purchasing a more attractive theme. This will allow you to create a beautifully designed online store that will leave a lasting impression.

OpenCart Admin Panel:

How to Set Up an OpenCart Website

In order to install the OpenCart archive, you first need to download it from the official GitHub repository. Then you need to upload the files to the server and complete the installation process. Next step is connecting the database. After that you can choose a suitable layout and customize localization settings. Having completed these simple steps, you can start adding products to your store.

Here is what the admin panel looks like:

OpenCart History

OpenCart e-commerce platform was developed in 1998 by Christopher Mann using Perl. However, in 2000 Mann left the project to pursue his interests in other spheres. It was Daniel Kerr who brought OpenCart back to life by integrating Mann’s code into his own PHP platform. The project was introduced on February 10, 2009.

In 2014 the engine gained popularity in China and became the most successful e-commerce platform. A year later OpenCart CMS was being used by 7% of all online stores worldwide. Today OpenCart is among the leaders of the industry, surpassed only by Magento and Wordpress WooCommerce module.

In October 2014 OpenCart launched its second version which uses HTML5. It includes a number of new features and modern programming solutions.

OpenCart Benefits

  • OpenCart CMS offers free support and frequent system updates.
  • OpenCart is fast, flexible, and the code can be easily modified;
  • The platform includes integrated report and payment systems.
  • OpenCart has a convenient order management system.
  • You can add a large number of products using Excel import tools.
  • OpenCart websites support multiple currencies.
  • The platform package includes all the necessary optimization tools.

We will help you create your own OpenCart store and make sure your business is set up for success.


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