Logo design

What is a logo?

The logo is a graphic expression of the company, it helps people form an impression about it. When our company create a design, we focus on the fact that the first impression influenced not only on the emotional perception of the brand but also that people will remember it. So when we design a logos and corporate identity we approach to this task not only creative, but also with great responsibility.

The site astwellsoft offer an opportunity to see examples of logos that have shaped the style and popular brands of different companies.

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Rules creation of a logo


for easy perception of a company logo should be primarily simple and not loaded with a large number of elements;


better to choose simple fonts, so that the logo can be easily read and differ from other brands;


it is important to use a small number of combinations of colors and fonts;


logo must distinguished by its originality and be pleasing to the visual perception because people focused not only on the graphic image, but also must interested and showed emotions;


the image of the logo should be unique and creative, instantly memorable to the people and referred to hereinafter;


The logo should always be relevant because it will serve to your company more than one year;


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