Artificial Intelligence

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. Nowadays AI tools are being implemented into all areas, including small and large enterprises. A lot of people became familiar with terms like “bot” and “neural network”.

Most of us come across AI in action daily online without even knowing it.

AI Applications

Machine learning tools and artificial intelligence can be used offline as well. Concepts like the “Internet of Things” and “Smart Home” have been using complex electronic devices, capable of learning from data and executing algorithms of several activities, for a while now.

AI can be used not only online. Nowadays even in our everyday life and the industrial field we cannot do without complex electronics capable of learning and memorizing complicated programs.

Let’s look at seven main areas, in which AI solutions are being actively used today:

  • Agriculture. Back in 2016 a company called Cognitive Technologies launched the testing of a driverless tractor, equipped with smart navigation which uses satellite signals. Such equipment is extremely helpful during harvesting and herbicide treatments when using human labor can be difficult.
  • Security. Police and fire departments in dozens of countries are already using AI in their day-to-day activities. For instance, in London cameras record criminal acts and prepare the necessary paperwork for the Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Home and everyday life. Smart homes can control room temperature, turn on your electronic devices on time and offer hundreds of other convenient functions to their users.
  • Finances. Neural networks help automate the work of banks and other financial institutions. In addition, AI helps to identify fraudulent operations and manage reports.
  • Education. In this field artificial intelligence can simplify routine operations, like grading tests. Digital algorithms are also working on improvement of data transfer methods.
  • Human resources. Machine learning techniques are being integrated into a number of operations (interviewing, candidate selection using specific criteria, employee performance control in order to prevent fraudulent actions).
  • Marketing. Neural networks and other powerful AI tools allow marketing specialists to collect and analyze data on thousands of users much faster. They also get much more efficient tools for increasing product and service sales.

Benefits of Implementing AI Systems

Implementing AI can make your business much more profitable and improve its key indicators. Machines have several undeniable advantages. Unlike humans, they don’t make mistakes and thoroughly follow the instructions they receive.

AI helps process large sets of data and is constantly improving its approaches.

Using machine learning algorithms will allow you to decrease your business expenses significantly.

You will be able to save:

  1. Time – due to fast learning and no mistakes.
  2. Human resources – you will be able to direct your employees’ labor towards solving creative problems that don’t require routine actions.
  3. Money – implementing AI tools will significantly cut your budget.

AI Integration into Business Processes

Astwellsoft team offers a range of services for integrating AI tools into your business processes. We help companies make their projects more flexible and functional.

Our company’s services include:

  • Setting up SmartHouse.
  • Mobile apps integration – we will integrate AI tools into your mobile services to provide even better experience for your users.
  • Software integration – software functions can be expanded significantly by adding machine learning algorithms.
  • Electronics integration – creating software for various electronic devices.
  • Coding for Amazon Alexa – we will create the software to match your existing needs.

Artificial intelligence tools will help optimize your business processes and make them more effective.


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