Comprehensive audit

It is not uncommon that launching and expensive promotion of an online project does not produce the desired results. Eventually, the entire endeavour ends up with no traffic or customers. It is very difficult for the owner of the site to understand the main reason for such failures. In such cases, your website urgently needs a comprehensive analysis.

The comprehensive website analysis is the full inner examination of the work of the website resource, which helps to identify topical problems and finally get out of the deadlock. It embraces a number of actions and operations that help to find out the causes of regular failures, poor visibility in the search engine result pages, security problems, etc. Such an analysis is often called a comprehensive audit.

The website analysis will help to improve the efficiency of its operation and will produce the long-awaited results. It will also facilitate the better web-resource promotion.

The main reason for failure in the website’s operation is a number of errors that contractors make because of inattentiveness or some other reasons. It happens that even competent professionals make mistakes, especially if the project is very large and it involves a large number of interactions between the specialists in various fields (designers, copywriters, content managers, programmers, SEO-optimizers, etc.).

The peculiarities of the comprehensive website audit

Small business representatives often do their projects on their own. Entrepreneurs co-operate with freelancers or even try to work on the site by themselves. Due to the lack of necessary knowledge and skills, a large number of errors are overlooked. While the majority of work on the site (writing of texts, their publication) can be done even by the owner himself, the comprehensive audit requires a good specialist.

An experienced expert can in a very short time identify the main reasons for the low effectiveness of your website.

He will analyse the following aspects of the web resource:

  • How convenient your website is for its users (measure the amount of time they spend on its pages; identify which of the structural units are successful and which just take up valuable space);
  • The website operation speed (what are the reasons for the slow downloading of the resources: the low quality of the code, poor scripting optimization or lack of compression of multimedia resources);
  • Whether the navigation is convenient and whether the average users will be able to get the easy access to the information they are looking for on the website;
  • What is the quality of the content (whether it is structured, unique or relevant to search queries).

Qualitative and detailed comprehensive website audit is a very complicated issue. It requires concentration, analytical abilities, and skills to work with a multitude of special services.

However, through conducting of a thorough analysis and implementation of our auditor's recommendations, your project will quickly overcome the stagnation period and in the short term will be able to reach the top of the search engine result pages.

What does the comprehensive website analysis involve?

A holistic audit should cover all aspects of the website's operation:

  • Website security analysis - checks for resource security and the absence of malicious code. Security issues are very relevant to a number of popular CMS;
  • Technical analysis of the website code – the analysis of the page code quality and check whether it includes unnecessary elements;
  • Usability analysis - examining the design and quality of the дизайну майданчику, which determine the convenience of its use by visitors;
  • Promotion strategy (website's compliance with search engine standards);
  • SEO-audit of the website (analysis of important SEO-metrics and search metrics, including positions and semantic core);
  • Web resource content analysis – checking the page quality (they must be relevant, well-structured and contain unique text and media);
  • Analysis of competitors' websites and market peculiarities - search for the main disadvantages and advantages of similar websites and highlighting the aspects that may be useful for website development;
  • Audit of behavioural factors of the audience (conversion analysis and behavioural scenarios);
  • Checking the effectiveness of your advertising campaign (if the one is being conducted at this stage).

Particular attention should be paid to the SEO-audit of the website, because it is the one that largely determines the strategy of development of a web resource. Sometimes it is sufficient only to check this aspect of optimization to get ready-made recipes for further promotion.

After conducting all of these forms of analysis, it is necessary to record the results and start work on error correction. At this stage, it is necessary to transfer instructions and TЗ to the contractors who will implement them on the project.

In general, after all the necessary measures are taken, you will receive the following benefits:

  • The increase of the efficiency - the website will start to develop after the audit;
  • Budget savings - you will no longer be losing money on resources that did not work right;
  • The growth of positions - improving the content and optimizing will lead to the increase in the position in the search engine result pages;
  • More traffic and leads (лідів) – you will increase not only attendance but also sales.

We want to help our clients develop their projects and increase their profits, so our comprehensive analysis will become a new benchmark for your business.


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